Caveat funding is a short term lending solution to obtain bridging finance. We aim to offer lowest rates on your first or second mortgage.

Our caveat lenders offer $10000 to over 1 million, first mortgages from 1%pm cheap rate. Urgent caveat loans contact us on 0422505820 today. Caveat finance do not require tax returns to prove income. Your credentials will help us to offer you the best, this include second mortgage from 2%pm.

We aim to arrange best bridging loans @ cheapest rate. Short term finance for caveat lending is available against first or second mortgage. Average term of a loan is 18 months. Longer terms could be negotiated. Once you submit full application, it will take as little as 24 to 72 hours to get funded.

Loan must be predominantly (at least 51%) for ANY business or investment purpose. 49% of the loan funds can be used for personal purposes. A specialist for Australian lending will talk to you direct and explain terms and conditions pertaining to your short term funding.

Short term loans available for bad credit customers. In most cases you do not have to prove your income to obtain pure asset based best lending products offered by our private lenders.

jumbo lending in millions of dollars is available to our short term customers, when they need them.

Client must own something of value (or have equity in real estate).

  • Real Estate (First and second mortgages & caveats)
  • Cars, Boats, Planes, Shares, Plant and Equipment, Verified debtors, Limousine and taxi licence plates
  • Anything of value

These loans usually require:

  • Proof of ownership (Rates Notice, Registration Papers, etc)
  • Proof of debt (First mortgage statement)

Typical Loan Scenarios

Business sold and funds required before settlement. Short term lending is the solution, caveat against your security offered is required.

Bank is not ready to settle on time. Try our caveat lender.

Clients business is owed money from slow paying creditors. Our consultants may help you to obtain a second mortgage.

Clients business is undergoing rapid growth and expansion funding is required urgently. Our lenders offer commercial loans to higher LVR.

Urgent business opportunity arises. Release equity in your house through a second mortgage, we help you.

Client finds a bargain and requires urgent funds. There are quick and fast caveat loans with our lenders, settlement within 24, 48 or 72 hours from submitting completed application. Jumbo deals to 2 million dollars available when you have satisfactory equity in your property.

Client wishes to renovate an investment property to obtain maximum sale price. Our lenders can help you.

Client requires stock for business. Sydney lending experts will tell you how you could release funds from your equity soon. First mortgage interest rate start at 1% per month.

Client is credit impaired with existing lender and requires a clean credit. Our private lenders consider bad credit customers, try us today.

EMAIL your need to manager@sydneymortgageloans.com.au


In Australia, you need to contact Department of Lands to impose a caveat. There is a process to apply, fees & charges payable to do so.

Similarly through the legal process you can release a caveat. You need to prove you have taken action to lapse caveat at district court. It is illegal to impose a caveat on your house without your consent.