Bad credit means you have not met your credit obligations as per agreements signed in the past. It impacts on your future borrowings. Bad record could be as a result of delays in repayment or submitting credit applications to many lenders without any offers.

When you default a payment it get recorded. Even if you pay the amount subsequently this record will remain for some time. Some lenders may consider paid default favorably  than an unpaid loan. When you cannot pay loans bankruptcy may be an option but bankrupt record will stay for ever in your credit file.

Since Global Financial Crisis there are many credit impaired people. Some with home loan arrears. Mortgages with bad conduct or mortgage loans with defaults, a refinance including a debt consolidation may be suitable for you if you think you can manage your finance in the future. Contact Us Today.

helping people with bad credit history to obtain home mortgage commercial loans or car finance by non conforming lenders is our service. These include following.

  •  Paid default to Telco under $999 - Bad Credit Home Loans @ 90% LVR

  •  Bad credit mortgages - LVR and interest rates to suit RISK level

  •  Poor credit home loans - unlimited defaults, last 2 years clear credit up

  •  Bad conduct REFINANCE to 80%, arrears and missed payments with or without defaults

As a home mortgage customer our lender may consider you for a bad credit 95% loans if you have only  a small paid default.

A lender may undertake higher RISK in a home mortgage car loan or commercial finance at a higher interest rate. Extent of your bad credit history will make them more expensive.

Home loan for people with poor credit history available through our  mortgage lenders.

A small paid default or two against a utility bill from Telco or another to  the value of $999 are considered less risky than a often miss payments against a home loan or car loans. When you have defaults with finance providers then only non conforming lenders will consider you a loan. They may take higher risk and charge high interest than the standard variable rates offered by the banks. It is important to prove your recent credit responsibility to obtain such loans.



Your First Name:

Last Name:

Your Email:

 Home Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:

Your Street Address:

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Loan Amount:

Loan Security Value ( House Price):



Mail Message:

PRODUCT FEATURES Paid defaults 2 ( Utility Type Only)

Amount not to exceed $999.99

Paid defaults - Unlimited Unpaid Defaults - Unlimited



90% Maximum

$650000 - 90% Maximum

lower LVR up to 2M

$650000 - 90% Maximum

lower LVR up to 2M

Application Fee

Annual Fee / Monthly Fee

Depend on bad credit lender you may pay only $700 - $1000. Difficult loans from private lenders may charge 2.2% upfront

Normally around $15 per month

Interest rate Based on your risk rates change - normally add 2% above standard variable rate of major lenders
PURPOSE Purchase with no genuine savings considered Purchase / refinance Purchase / refinance
Commitment Fee 1.1% may apply - We have least cost products, select one of them
CONDITIONS Flexible cash out policy.

Mortgage arrears may be considered on a poor credit loan - higher rates may apply

Defaults older than 12 months full doc and older than 2 years low doc will qualify for better rates

Loans may have unbelievable lower interest rates, find out what they could be.

Else loans may consider very bad credit issues at higher rates.

No construction loans.

Loan Mortgage Insurance Normally it is part of application fee / interest rate

Some lenders may have RISK FEE separately, your broker will advise details

Valuation Less than $ 500 per standard property
Exit Fee May apply, government regulations are in place to abolish exit fee.

Some lenders do not charge but others may charge/disclose it upfront

Credit Impaired Yes



ATO debts & debt consolidation OK


ATO debts & debt consolidation OK

Customer Type Full Doc as above

Low Doc only 80% higher rates apply

Full Doc as above

Low Doc only 80% higher rates apply

Full Doc as above

Low Doc only 80% higher rates apply

First Home Buyer Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Acreage 5 5 5
LAND (see conditions) Considered Considered Considered